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Book orders for library, departments, or courses

Library books The large majority of books in the ITG library collection are ordered on the librarian's own initiative. He actively follows the books market in order to keep a balanced - and sometimes exhaustive - selection of books on the major topics for ITM research, education, and medical services up-to-date (within the limits of the allocated books purchasing budget). Of course, suggestions for the acquisition of titles not yet available will also be considered by the librarian.


Books for departments The research departments can also order books for permanent keeping in their offices. Although these books are not kept in the library, they are nonetheless institutional property and they are processed like library books, included in the library catalogue.
  • Each department can use up to 1,500 euro per year from the library's central books purchasing budget to acquire some books essential to everyday practice. Orders should be sent to the librarian using the following request form with the signed agreement of the departmental administrator. The central ITG library books budget is meant for scientific and medical books. Dictionaries, software manuals, etc. will not be considered. Unaffected book allowances cannot be recuperated the following year, nor can they be used to cover other expenses.

  • The library also processes book purchases to be paid by project and personal support budgets. The request form should then be signed by the specific budget's manager.


Books for courses Upon request, the ITG library will also process orders for multiple copies for distribution among students or alumni. Again a request form signed by the course administrator is needed. As these books will (eventually) not be retained in ITM, they will not be processed as library books.


Books for export Idem as books for courses, using the request form signed by the specific project budget manager.


Personal book orders The ITM library does not order books for individual purchase. An academic bookshop will regularly be available in the Forum with a stock of popular core books and the opportunity to order others (ask your course secretariat for exact dates and hours).


  • If essential information is lacking from the request forms, orders may not be processed.
  • The ITM library does not have an electronic credit card, so online purchases cannot be effected via the library services.


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